Indian Journal of Public Health

: 2020  |  Volume : 64  |  Issue : 6  |  Page : 83-

The big picture – An IPHA initiative

Sanjay K Rai1, Sanghamitra Ghosh2,  
1 Professor, Centre for Community Medicine, AIIMS, New Delhi, India
2 CMO (SG), Ministry of Defence, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

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Sanjay K Rai
Professor, Centre for Community Medicine, AIIMS, New Delhi

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Rai SK, Ghosh S. The big picture – An IPHA initiative.Indian J Public Health 2020;64:83-83

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Coronavirus pandemic has placed an overwhelming health and economic burden on the entire world. The Indian Public Health Association (IPHA) has been working for the cause of public health since its inception in 1956. This special issue of the Indian Journal of Public Health (IJPH) on COVID-19 is a small contribution towards our ever growing commitment in public health. We hope that these published articles will play some role and help the entire global scientific community who are involved in the fight against this virus.

This pandemic is like a world war, except in this case, the whole world is on the same side and this war can be won only by complete collaboration from the entire world. As rightly stated in our Hindu texts Upanishad, 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam- The entire world is one family', combating such infectious diseases will require global cooperation and good leadership. Only collective action can make an impact and bring about change.

Very little is known about this new strain of corona virus. In fact, even after several months of its origin, there is still a controversy regarding the origin of the virus (natural or man-made). If this virus is man-made, this is a major threat for human race and stern action needs to be taken globally to prevent any such instance in the future. It is a warning for the entire world and human civilization that we are still woefully unprepared for a pandemic of this scale. Getting ready for a global pandemic is every bit as important as a nuclear deterrence and avoiding a climate catastrophe.

If anything kills millions of people in a very short span in the next few decades, it is most likely to be a highly infectious microorganism rather than a war.

Publishing a journal with academically relevant resource material in a short span of less than two months was not an easy task.

We are very thankful to our entire editorial team, all our reviewers, and special thanks to Dr. Shreya Jha and Dr. Indranil Saha for their invaluable efforts.

We warmly thank Medknow Publications for expediting the publication process to release the issue in time.

Exceptional thanks to our guest editors, Dr. Anand Krishnan and Dr. Rajib Dasgupta, this special issue would not have been possible without their great efforts. We fondly treasure every ounce of effort you have put into this journal.